Thermal Circuit El Manantial
Thermal Circuit El Manantial

HYDROTHERAPY: Jet pool - 30 minutes

LEGS: Heaviness, swollen feet, improves varicose veins.

GEISER: Muscle pain, reduces muscle tension, activates circulation, general well-being.

DUCK'S PEAKS: Improves movement coordination and stimulates venous return circulation.

TUMBONAS RELAX: Prevents stress, insomnia, lack of energy, muscular and bone disorders, migraines and tension.

COLD WATER PILET: Toning. Alternate during the whole treatment after each session with immersions of a few seconds.

SAUNA - 10 minutes: alternate with toning in the pool and contrast showers.

TURKISH BATH - 10 minutes: Alternate with toning in the pool and contrast showers.

Finish with toning in a cold water pool